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2021 Magnolia 1965 Shiraz, Vine Vale, Barossa Valley - 100% Shiraz

From a single .56Ha planting of 1965 Shiraz that sits on the deepest and highest sands of our Magnolia estate vineyard.  With an elevation of 323-335 metres, the vineyard is run organically and regeneratively with sheep grazing through winter.  The vines grow in very deep sands at the foot of Mengler's Hill derived from the granitic parent rock sitting in the gullies above.  The alluvial sands are formed from the meeting of three gullies and three winter streams at the centre of the vineyard.  At the top of the three gullies is the higher Eden Valley from which the cold air drains forming gully winds known locally as the 'Vine Vale doctor'. These gully winds lead to lower average temperatures and rapid cooling from sunset to sunrise helping to retain freshness and acidity.

To the West the vineyard is protected from the late hot Westerly summer sun and winds by a small gum lined hill. The block also faces predominantly North East receiving the enriching and dew drying morning sun which along with the gully breezes help keep disease at bay. The vines are detailed rod and spur pruned, shoot and bunch thinned to control yield and quality and the fruit all handpicked and hand sorted.

Tasting Notes: Black, brambly dark fruits. Fresh porcini and organic rich soil with a umami and miso character. Carbon, graphite, ferrous/iron, blood and dark spices.  Dark brooding base tones.  Astute grippy graphite-like tannins.  This wine often reminds me of those from the Northern Rhone, in particular Cornas.  Can't wait to see this in 6+ years.

2021 Magnolia 1965 Shiraz

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