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2021 Magnolia 1896 Shiraz, Vine Vale, Barossa Valley - 100% Shiraz

The Magnolia 1896 Shiraz is sourced from the oldest vines on our Magnolia Road vineyard planted in 1896 with a total area of .45Ha at an elevation of 315 metres. The vineyard is run organically and regeneratively with the use of sheep to graze through winter.  The vines grow in sands at the foot of Mengler's Hill derived from the granitic parent rock sitting in the gullies above.  Unlike the 1965 block these sandy soils are shallower and have mica laden clay at depth.  Similarly, to the West the vineyard is protected from the late hot Westerly sun and winds by a small gum lined hill. The block is also strongly influenced by cold air drainage from the three surrounding gullies. The vines are detailed rod and spur pruned and shoot and bunch thinned to control yield and quality.  The fruit is handpicked and hand sorted. Each year the Magnolia vineyard continues to improve which I believe is largely due to the organic and regenerative farming along with our continual learning of the site.  The 1896 vines continue to deliver and excite us and it really is a pleasure to farm these now 127 year old vines.


Tasting Notes: Violets, purple flowers and blackberries. Cured gamey meats layered with rhubarb and spices.  Impressive and powerful yet elegant and deft with lovely palate filling fruit through the mid palate. Flowing velvety tannins linger with dark spices and energetic fruit to finish.  A complete wine that offers so much interest as a young wine but just so exciting to think how it'll drink with age.

2021 Magnolia 1896 Shiraz

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