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2022 Krondorf 1903

100% Grenache - Krondorf Vineyard, Barossa Valley. Organically farmed, single block planted in 1903.  Soil: Sandy loam over heavy red clay over marl with a calcareous subsoil. 13.2% Alc.


Tasting notes: Washy red strawberry fruits, ferrous/iron and lingering spices.  A palate driven by the red iron-laden clays the vines draw from in its structural ferrous feel.  The palate is light, bright yet full and powerful in it’s red fruits along with fine chalky tannins through the finish.  Heavy red clays over calcareous subsoils give drive and subtle power here. 121yo vines bringing the goods.

2022 Krondorf 1903 Grenache

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