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2021 Magnolia

100% Shiraz - Magnolia Vineyard, Vine Vale, Barossa Valley. Organically farmed. Single Vineyard, 1996 (53%),2010 (28%) 2017 (19%). Soil: Deep granitic sands. Section of shallower sands with mica and rose quartz overlying podzolic clay. Elevation: 305-335m. No fining, no filtration.  14.7% Alc.


Tasting notes: Complex.. So much going on here for Magnolia's entry level Shiraz.  Fresh tobacco, game meats, dried herbs.  Red currants and goji berries with dark spices and anise and carbon.   Red currants and goji berries with dark spices, anise and carbon. Captivating in its melody of aromatics and depth of flavour and certainly a lot of wine for the price point.

2021 Magnolia Shiraz

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