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L.R.C. Greenock Shiraz, Greenock, Barossa Valley - 98% Shiraz, 2% Riesling

144 Shiraz, a few Riesling, one Mataro and a lone stranger make up a stand of 1967 planted vines that once formed the boundary row of an old vineyard. The siblings of this row have long gone with subdivisions and housing taking their place. The boundary row survived as they grow on land owned by the Light Regional Council - L.R.C. The L.R.C. recognised the importance of these beautiful 56-year old Shiraz vines and in conjunction with Eperosa’s sister company Grocke Viticulture have ensured their survival. The fruit is handpicked and hand sorted prior to a 18 day fermentation and the wine aged in 100% French oak.  The genetic material of the Shiraz that makes this row is distinct to any other Barossa Shiraz I've seen.

Tasting Notes: A nose of duck liver pate, venison, lamb roast and star anise. Charcuterie, red currants, beetroot, peppercorn and spices.  The palate is rich yet balanced with a seamless flow from fruit to beautifully structured silky tannins. Exuberant in its perfumery of gaminess, herbs and spice giving a truly unique and intriguing profile to this old vine Shiraz. A perfect wine to 'mess with your mates' at a blind tasting.

Mail Order: $55/bottle

2021 L.R.C. Greenock Shiraz

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