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2021 Grenache Blanc

Magnolia Grenache Blanc (76%), Magnolia Semillon (14%)Krondorf Grenache Gris (10%),

Vine Vale & Krondorf, Barossa Valley. Plantings 2016, 1941 & 1999. Magnolia - dry farmed, organically farmed. Soil: Deep alluvial granitic sands. Elevation: 280-332m. No fining. No filtration. 12.5% Alc. $35/bottleVines planted: 2016 (88%), 1999 (6%), 1941 (6%)

$30 bottle


Tasting Notes: 


Grenache Blanc for those who haven’t come across it is Grenache with white skinned berries as per any typical white varietal. In fact there’s three types of Grenache.. Noir (Red, most common), Gris (grey) and Blanc (white). With all three of the Grenaches the leaf colour and shape, growth habit and other general traits are all basically the same apart from the fact that the fruit differs in colour. The story behind Eperosa planting Grenache Blanc stems from many parties and blind wine tastings. Over a 5 or so year period I had many experiences where I’d be tasting Grenache Blanc unknowingly but loving it. On asking about what I was drinking the response was Grenache Blanc. This happened time and time again to the point where I said to myself ‘I have to plant Grenache Blanc!’. At the time there wasn’t any Grenache Blanc (legally) in South Australia so I put in a request to Yalumba nursery for some material if they were ever to import it. In Spring 2016 the first release of Grenache Blanc from Yalumba was available so we planted a whopping 180 vines at our Magnolia Rd vineyard.  There’s also Grenache Gris from Krondorf and some Magnolia Semillon which was used for topping the barrels. What I see in this wine is what I fell in love with all the other Grenache Blanc’s I’ve tried in the world. 

2021 Grenache Blanc

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